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726 Middleton Run Rd
Elkhart, IN. 46516

Tel: (574) 293-8962
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Keline Manufacturing

Keline Manufacturing has been in business since 1977, manufacturing railroad switch locks and switch and coach keys. Coach keys are used to unlock cabooses and diesel locomotives. Switch locks are placed on railroad switches to discourage people with horseplay in mind from pulling a switch and sending a train onto the wrong track.

Keline starts with raw steel and does all the lock fabrication at its location in Elkhart, Indiana. Keys arrive as blanks and are ground into the proper configuration for each railroad. After the steel is formed into locks, the locks are sent to another company to be plated before returning to Keline for the remainder of the work.

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Safety and dependability are all important features of a padlock, and the Keyline padlock assures just that strength, long life and dependability

The interior mechanism is of the most ridged construction insuring a padlock that will sustain hard usage.

The switch locks are furnished with a 12 inch length of heavy chain and can be fitted to any standard barrel type switch key.

Unlike other locks of this type, our switch locks are furnished with a case hardened shackle made of 4320 steel which is tough and impact-resistant and recommended where high-core toughness and shock resistance are required.

In some cases, the added security of the hardened steel shackle is not required, therefore, as an alternative, we also offer the lock with a steel shackle.

In addition to the switch keys, we also offer the coach or diesel door lock keys.

We would appreciate your consideration as a major source of your lock and key requirements.


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